Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks - Review

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I thought it would be not only fun but also very useful to make a list of my top 5 £1 drugstore lipsticks. Whether we admit to it or not, most of us are on a budget, at least majority of the time. I mean c'mon, no matter how much you earn or what your budget for the week/month is, you will always head for the cheaper option first. Don't worry, we are all guilty. We all also know that a purchase always feel better and is more satisfying when its dirt cheap and ends up being your steal of the month. It's not the same when you spend £20 on a lipstick, you simply expect it to be amazing. It was freaking 20 quid after all! The fun kicks in when you find a lipstick for £1 and love everything about it. Now that moment is what we live for.

In order to make it a little easier for you guys i thought I would make this list with my favourite red, cherry and purple lipstick, plus my 2 favourite nude lipsticks - all for £1 each!

(These are in no specific order)

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Makeup Revolution - Lady

The first lipstick is from Makeup Revolution and it's in the shade Lady. I feel like that name of this lipstick explains the shade perfectly. It's a beautiful, glamorous, bright red with orange undertones.

The colour pay-off is amazing and it stays on your lips for hours. The packaging is very sleek and elegant. The glossy black case makes the red stand out even more and adds to its 'lady' vibe. I believe it would look nice with many skin colours too. I'm quite pale with yellow undertones but rose cheeks and I think this colour works very well for me. I could imagine it looking very bright and vibrant on a darker skin tone as well.

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Makeup Revolution - Rebel with Cause

This is another beautiful Makeup Revolution lipstick, this time it's from their Vamp Collection. I believe this is a dupe for Mac's lipstick in Rebel. Although I do not own the Mac lipstick, from looking at the pictures I can tell they are extremely similar.

This lipstick is a gorgeous cherry colour that again stays on your lips for hours. It has a lovely sheen finish without looking to glossy and over the top. It's build-able and can definitely be adjusted to how intense or dark you would like the colour to be.

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MUA - Mulberry

I don't normally go for colours like this. I'm more of a nude or cherry kindah girl but this lipstick caught my eye the moment I saw it. I love how cool tone it is and surprisingly how 'natural' it looks (if that's even possible for a lipstick this colour).

It's very easy to build up and blend if you're going for that ombre look. It's a little bit more glossy than the other two lipsticks but is still very wearable for an almost everyday look.


Makeup Revolution - Nude (?)

This lipstick is the most simple and basic nude I think I've ever seen in this price range. It's cool toned but at the same time has some pink undertones. It's build-able, can be worn on an everyday bases or on a special occasion with a more detailed eye-look.

I am not too sure about the name of this lipstick as there isn't one on the packaging. After searching through the Tambeauty website I could only imagine this being the Nude shade just in different packaging. I'm not a fan of this cream case as I much prefer the standard glossy black one that Makeup Revolution normally goes for but it's not the worse.


MUA - Fawn Fancy

This lipstick is from their matte range. It's a dark nude/light brown lipstick with a gorgeous satin/matte finish. It's a little more drying than the rest but honestly, for a £1 matte lipstick, it could be worse. It doesn't crack on your lips or sit in the grooves. It stays put for a long period of time and although transfers a little it doesn't stick to everything your lips might touch.

I think the packaging is fairly cute and sleek but still doesn't match up to the glossy black from Makeup Revolution. One extra thing I have to mention is the smell. This lipstick smells amazing. I cannot pinpoint what it is I can smell but it's just such a sweet scent it's a pleasure to wear under your nose all day haha :)


So that is it guys. This is my Top 5 £1 Drugstore Lipsticks.

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