Top 5 Drugstore Disappointments - July 2017

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I have recently come across some drugstore items that have been massive disappointments. It's never fun going out, spending money on something and then hating everything about it. I really want to help you guys out and tell you the 5 items that I found to be serious disappointments and therefore don't recommend you spending money on them.

As a disclaimer I would like to mention that if you own any of these products and really like them or even completely disagree with my opinion that's totally fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I'm more than happy to listen to yours. If you believe a product I listed doesn't deserve to be on this list please let me know why you think so :)

These products are listed in so specific order.

The first product that I'm really disappointed in is this Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit - Lightening Contour F01. The size and presentation of this palette is the only good thing about it. It's very compact and clean looking. It would probably be very good for travelling due to it's size and functionality however you can't praise that plastic packaging too much as I've had a lot of problems lately with Makeup Revolution Palettes falling apart due to the flimsy packaging. Normally the quality of the product saves it for me and keeps me loving their company however this product just isn't helping itself.

The product consists of a poor quality and pigmentation highlighter, badly creasing concealer (?) and an extremely hard to blend orangey contour shade. I've tried to give this a chance many times. I'm not a fan of cream highlighters in general but I thought the concealer and contour should be fine. However, like I said already, the concealer creases terribly, even after setting it with powder it just gathers around my nose and under my eyes making me look older and like I haven't look in the mirror since last night. The contour just won't blend, whether I use a brush or sponge it just sits where you put it and looks muddy and tacky.

 Next we have this Makeup Revolution Blending Sponge. I'm sorry about the state of this sponge but I did it for a reason. This is what it looks like after using it once with one pump of foundation! I pumped the foundation onto the back of my hand, dotted it onto my face with my finger and then started blending. I was left with about half the product once the sponge was done sucking it off of my face.

It doesn't expand once dampened and is very dense and hard compared to my beloved real techniques sponge.  I tried using the tip of it for concealer too and it literally just absorbed almost all of it and then smudged the rest under my eyes. I had to go in with my fingers to blend it out.

I still can't believe I hate these brushes so much. They are the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brushes. I'm a big big fan of Real Techniques brushes and sponges so writing this is really upsetting me. I received these as a gift from someone and was so excited. However, no matter what I use them for they're just shit. The fibres either don'y pick up product or pick it up and then hold onto it making it almost impossible to apply and blend out. I think they look cool and I love the white/black combo but honestly the brushes just don't live up to the Real Techniques standard.

Next we have another surprising disappointment. It's this Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. The only reason I really picked up this mascara is because the one I came in for was gone so I thought I would try out something else. I thought it looked nice, never heard of it and I normally love Maybelline mascaras so was very sad when I applied it for the first time and realised it literally just makes my lashes look wet ???

It just looks like my lashes are constantly wet and clumpy. It doesn't separate them at all. I haven't got the best lashes as it is, there's not many of them so clumping them up into 4 large chunks doesn't help anyone.

Last but not least we have this Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch and Shape. This was also bought because what I originally went in for was sold out. I picked this up in the shade brown which is normally works great for me when it comes to Makeup Revolution brow products. I found it quite hilarious when I filled in my eyebrows and realised I look like 2 caterpillars were taking naps on my forehead.

Not only does this product make my eyebrows look black it is so hard to use. The crayon end is very hard to apply evenly as it sticks to some hairs and refuses to glide evenly. The felt tip feels and looks like an actual felt tip. It bleeds into your skin and looks like you let your 4 year old cousin do you makeup with her school supplies.

So that's it, these are my top 5 drugstore disappointments of July 2017.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that this saves you a couple of quid. If so please leave a sub and comment telling me if you agree or disagree with this list.
I'm also currently looking for some mascaras to try out for a first impressions video. Let me know what drugstore mascaras you would like me to try out :)

Thank you so much for reading, hope to see you back soon :)

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