The Colossal VS Baby Roll - Review/Battle

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Today I got a quick Mascara Battle for you guys!

In my last post I showed you guys what I picked up in Superdrug. Check out my Mini Superdrug Haul Post here. At Superdrug I picked up two mascaras, The L'oreal Baby Roll mascara and the Maybelline Colossal. Baby roll is something I wanted to try out since it came out while the colossal is an old favourite. I wanted to compare the two, see how well they do on my short lashes, how they last throughout the day and how easy they are to remove.

This is what the L'oreal Baby Roll looked like right after application:

This is what the Maybelline Colossal looked like right after application:


I do think that the Maybelline was easier to apply. L'oreal was a lot more clumpy and almost made my lashes just look wet. It didn't separate or elongate them at all.

Maybelline Colossal - 8/10

L'oreal Baby Roll - 5/10


The both lasted really really well. There was no smudging and I didn't have ny crumbles on my cheeks etc

Maybelline Colossal - 10/10

L'oreal Baby Roll - 10/10


They were both fairly easy to remove however I did feel like the L'oreal one was slightly sticking to my skin instead of the cotton pad???
It's like the make-up remover was sliding it across my face instead of picking it up. This didn't happen to the Maybelline one or other mascaras so it cannot be the makeup remover's fault.

Maybelline Colossal - 8/10

L'oreal Baby Roll - 4/10

Total Score:

Maybelline Colossal - 26/30

L'oreal Baby Roll - 19/30

As you can all see, Maybelline is the winner. It was so much easier to apply and a lot more effective. It lengthened and separated my lashes and the removal was quick and simple.

Hope you enjoyed the post and that you found it helpful, please let me know if you have used any of these mascaras and what you think of them :)

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