Kaeso Calming Facial Kit - Review and Routine

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You probably don't know that I spent the last year completing my Beauty Level 2 qualification at college. As part of my course I had to create an image for a catwalk. This year's topic was Avant-Garde. After trying very hard all year and preparing for the show I got 1st place between 2 classes!

My prize consisted of some beauty and makeup products. The main prize was a Kaeso Calming Facial Kit. I wasn't too sure it was for me when I first received it. I never considered my face to be sensitive or in need of 'calming'. I always thought my face was strictly oily (especially since about the 2nd month of my pregnancy).  I was very pleasantly surprised when I observed how my skin changed for the better as i used the kit.


The kit consists of a Facial Cleanser 195ml, Scrub 95ml, Mask 95ml, Toner 195ml and Moisturiser 195ml. The kit retails at about £27 I found it for £17 at Just My Look if you're interested to buy it.

The whole range smells of Mulberry and Pomegranate except for the mask which has an extremely calming White Nettle and Chamomile scent. The fragrance used was picked taking the job of the range into consideration remembering that sensitive skin doesn't like powerful aromas.

My Routine with Kaeso Calming Kit

Every Sunday I give myself a full professional facial that includes the whole kit. However, during the week I do use the cleanser every time I'm under the shower. It works great to remove dirt and dead skin but also makeup even from my sensitive eye area.

On a Sunday I start off by cleansing my face with the cleanser and working the product into my skin with my fingers. I normally use one whole pump which is plenty. Sometimes if I feel like my skin needs the extra cleanse I use my Eve Taylor Cleansing Brush which also came as part of my prize.


I then follow up with the scrub especially focusing on and around my nose where I have my biggest blackhead problem. Once I'm done I take a nice steamy shower which helps to open up my pores and then makes it easier to extract any dirt and blackheads. After the shower i carefully extract the dirt from my pores and sometimes clean up my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers (I wax them at home once every 2-3 weeks). At this point my skin feels irritated and is a little red all over from all the squeezing and pulling. I then apply the calming mask and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. This mask doesn't dry like a clay mask so removal is a little easier as all you need is a damp face cloth. To finish off I wipe my face with the toner to make sure all my pores have been closed and then apply the moisturiser all over my face and neck.


Although I never thought my skin was sensitive and irritated I can't believe how much better my skin looks after regularly using these products. The cleanser and exfoliator leave my skin feeling fresh and looking bright. The mask calms any redness and irritation. The toner closes all my pores preventing dirt from entering them but also making my skin feel tighter and smoother. Lastly, the moisturiser quickly sinks into my skin allowing me to get the most out of the product without having to worry that it will rub off onto my pillow or my hands.

 Although these products haven't fixed my oily skin problem they definitely took away the redness letting me focus my makeup products on the oiliness rather than how easily irritated my skin gets.

Would I repurchase? Probably yes. Once I finish this range I am eager to try their Rebalancing Kit for oily skin and see if its equally amazing.

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