Hello you!

Hello and welcome to my blog :)

My name is Tyna and I hope to see you here often :)

To keep things simple let me just tell you all the fun stuff you will soon find on my blog...

I will be posting lots about beauty, makeup and hair. I love reviewing products and trying new stuff out so you will definitely find many of those here. I'm also a teen mum-to-be so if baby-talk, baby hauls and all that jazz rocks your boat I'm sure you will have plenty to read. Lastly, like every young woman I love talking and rambling on about things I love, you will probably find tons of posts where I chat away :)

I mostly spend my free time watching youtube videos (my favourite youtubers include sophdoesnails, sophie louise and jazzybum). I also enjoy cross-stitching and sometimes even knitting.

My all time favourite makeup brand is Makeup Revolution so be ready to see their makeup a lot around this area :D

None of my posts are sponsored and therefore all my opinions are my own.

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That's it for now, thanks for stopping by :)

Tyna - x

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