Copper Eye Makeup - Makeup Revolution Ultimate Favourites Palette

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry I haven't been very active lately. I've had quite a busy couple of days and couldn't find any spare time to blog. Finally everything has calmed down a little and therefore i'm back with an eye makeup tutorial!

The other day I went to my little sister's school performance and so decided to do something more special but not too over the top on my eyes. As I have blue eyes I decided to go for a delicate but eye-catching gold/coppery look with a hint of red.

I used the Makeup Revolution Ultimate Favourites Palette from the Makeup Revolution Chest however I'm sure you can find other alternatives.

Btw, don't mind my eyebrows, I'm trying to grow them out for post on how i wax my eyebrows at home :)

If you would like to see how I got this look then just keep strolling :)

I start off my grabbing this cool tone light brown transition shade (row 1, no. 5) and popping it in my crease and just above to blending it a little with my foundation.

Next, I take a blush pink (row 2, no. 3) and go over the transition shade to give it more depth.

This is where the magic happens, I take the copper shade (row 4, no. 5) and using a flat brush apply it all over my mobile lid. I don't blend it up at this point.

Then, I take the shimmer red (row 4, no. 6) and apply it in my outer corner to give my eye some more dimension and then the light gold shimmer (row 3, no. 2) in my inner corner to create a gradient and highlight my inner eye.

Lastly I blend the harsh edges and apply some mascara. I also ran some of the coppery shadow under my eye.

I think the rest is an eye-catching but also very wearable look that works for all eye colours but especially blue eyes like mine.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that it was helpful, please let me know what you thought of it :)

Lots of love,

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