Cheap Primark Nail Varnishes - Review

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Although pregnancy has many beauty cons like weak hair, greasy roots and dry ends, spots etc, one pro that this pregnancy has brought me is strong nails. I always suffered from very fragile and weak nails that wouldn't grow longer than 2mm without chipping, pealing or tearing. After suffering for years my nails finally look amazing and I'm making the most of it by painting them regularly either with normal nail varnishes or gels (I have a gel nail qualification and do them myself at home).

While strolling around Primark a few weeks back I decided to pick up some nail polishes. I picked up 2 of their 90p polishes and 4 from the £1.50 group. I can't lie, they look pretty good. The bottles look sturdy, haven't found no problems with the brushes and they are in general a good size for the price.

I thought it would be a good idea to try them out and see how they do. Considering 2 of them are cheaper than Poundland varnishes I was intrigued to try them out for you guys.

I decided to try out the royal blue nail varnish along with the turquoise one from their metals range. I applied each other them on followed by their quick dry top coat. This is what I thought...

My bare nails

First coat 

I enjoyed using the brush as it was nice and wide and easy to glide onto my nails. However, I wasn't very impressed with the colour pay-off on the first coat. It was pretty sheer and streaky no matter how many times I tried to even it out. It took between 5-8 minutes to dry depending on the nail and how thickly it was applied. Once it dried it left a non sticky feel and was quite smooth to touch.
2 coats

2 coats

On my right hand I applied the metals polish. I am not impressed at all. The polish was even more streaky and sheer. It's extremely uneven and gloopy. I was so disappointed as I was genuinely hoping I found a lovely metals range for an amazingly low price. I forgot to take a 1 coat picture but by just looking at the 2 coat photo I'm sure you could imagine how terrible the first one was (excuse the state of my cuticles/skin around my nails on this hand).

2 coats


Maybe another layer would of of helped but to be honest I feel like by then the amount of product I would have on my nail would cause it to chip even quicker considering how thick and gloopy it already was.

How it held up (2 days after)

As you can see...they look horrendous. After only 2 days of wearing they look like they've been through World War III. I applied a top coat as well! How is that even possible?

Will I be purchasing more? NO.
At least not from any of these ranges.

My nails started chipping that same day and honestly all I've really done is basic things around the house. I'm really disappointed as i was hoping these would turn out to be amazing and lasting at least a little longer than 2 days.
Can't expect too much from such cheap nail varnishes.

I have also experienced something weird with the top coat. When applying it to perfectly dry nails it was taking the varnish off ???
The colour of the varnish was literally coming off and onto the brush ???

Yeah... I don't recommend 

That's it for now guys, thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed and that the post was helpful :)

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