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A couple of days ago I came across the HiSmile Day and Night Toothpaste. I decided to subscribe for it and I'm currently waiting for it to be delivered so that I can try it. Stay tuned if you wish to see a fully honest/ not sponsored review.

As for now, I thought it would be fun to try out the charcoal teeth whitening technique that has been going round Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for months!

All you need for this is Activated Charcoal Capsules and that's it! If you wish to make enough for a couple of uses and store it in your bathroom then you will also need a little container.

I got my Activated Charcoal Capsules from Holland and Barrett for £5.59
My container came from a little travel container set from Poundland.

Charcoal is originally used for clearing the body from toxins. The toxins stick to the charcoal which helps them exit the body. Charcoal can also be used to cleanse the skin, I'm sure you have seen charcoal peel off masks on the internet too. Due to the fact that toxins stick to charcoal it has been used for teeth whitening too as it is believed that the stains will stick to it and flush away.

I decided to give it a go myself and let you guys know how it works :)

Btw, I know my teeth are bad. I'm very self-conscious about them. I am currently in the process of getting braces. I have severe upper-crowding due to my jaw not growing enough during my pre-teen years. Please ignore how wonky and out of place they are. I'm working on it 😂

I started my opening my little containers and pulling out a small handful of the capsules.

Next, all you want to do is carefully open each capsule and transfer the powder into your little pot. My pot was very small, I only used 8 capsules to fill it up. If you're not using a pot then all you need is one capsule which you open and tip the content straight onto your toothbrush.

I then went into the bathroom, wet my toothbrush, dipped it in the powder until I had a good amount and then started brushing.

These were the results after brushing for 2-3 minutes, letting the powder sit on my teeth for about a minute and then rinsing out and giving my teeth a small brush over with a clean brush.

I definitely see a difference!

Please let me know what you think! Have you tried this before? Did it work? I will be adding this to my night routine for sure :)

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